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September 20, 2006



IF there are democrats in MA. of all places that support these views, they must surely be on the endangered species list!
Kudos....to at least trying to be heard.

Reginald Denny

Are you out of your mind? The only arguable rationale the Administration has come up with for invading Iraq is that Iraq was trying to develop nuclear weapons along with several other rogue states like Iran and North Korea, which are far more advanced in the process. Cheney acknowledged that most Americans now wish his vice-presidency was imaginary, but said that he did not regret invading Iraq even though no weapons of mass destruction existed. If you think Healey is courageous for sticking to a dead-end game like that clown, then you are clearly a Republican. Stop soiling the reputation of us Democrats.

DFH Editor


I ask you what shows more courageousness?

Hugging someone who kicked the crap out of you after they have been acquitted or standing up for policy that almost no one in Massachusetts agrees with?

Mr. Iced T

Obviously, we're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here. Because, as you may know, we had a big issue with Iraqis and IEDs before our invasion. Now? ALL GONE. Our invasion of Iraq has not only bolstered our defense industry, but it has shifted illegal immigration from the US/Mexico border to the Syria/Lebanon border. Damn terrorist-huggin liberals just don't get it...


You still haven't posted your identity or listed any major Democrats who are supporting Healey.

But.....you have repeatedly spouted off GOP talking points and positions.

This can only lead your readers to come to the conclusion that not only are you really a Republican, but you are also a fraud and a Karl-Rove-scumbag hiding in your basement with your pajamas on and your tin-foil hat.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Deval Patrick is leading Kerry Healey right now by 40 pts. And unless you GOP folks can find a way to hack the voting machines you are going to lose and lose badly.

2. Your fraudulent website would be more credible if you posted some Democratic positions and values here - rather than reading like a list of GOP talking points.

3. Interpitation is really spelled 'interpretation'.

DFH Editor

First of all, to insinuate that Republicans focus solely on cheating black voters is to do disservice to the fine reputation that have garnered in the 2000 & 2004 elections.

Secondly, you vitriolic comment would make Karl Rove quite proud. Good work! Now if you could only find my real name and leak it…

Thirdly, tin foil aside, my mother doesn’t allow me to go in the basement. That is where my father has his fine liquors.

Finally, my identity is easily obtained by via the Internets or if you have the right connection via the domestic spying program.


See: Rush Limbaugh's comments from a few days ago where he said it is okay to play dirty tricks on dem voters b/c they are 'stupid'. The tricks he is speaking of were played mostly on minorities.


Guys, this is a parody site that's playing off the fact that Healey is a sleaze and has no support among Dems. I know it's hard to tell because the GOP sound like parodies themselves, but it's a joke, s/he's kidding.

(Yeah, yeah, I know, you're for real, I'll be hearing from your attorney...lol)

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